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April 8, 2012


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Japanese people have the special affection for human-shaped objects.
With the influence of Shinto culture, they often regard human-shaped objects as resting or residing room for souls, spirits or gods/deities. Though this custom is becoming obsolete, some Japanese take old dolls to shrines or temples to pray for the repose of souls. Priests or monks recite a sutra and the dolls are cremated. These might be the reason why some people in Japan often talk as if Vocaloid characters were real human beings.

It seems some MMD model creators take their works as the very expression of their souls with this cultural and religious belief. This strong affection for human-shaped objects may lead to the reason why they strongly reject editing or redistributing their models. They don't mean to be selfish at all; we should respect their feelings.
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CrazyDave55811 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
I can sort of understand the premise of this article.  It seems like when I'm trying to make a model, it's as if I put a piece of myself into the model, whatever that model may be, though perhaps it could hold especially true for humanoid models, even if it may be an edit (like my Miku Sneaking Suit model; example : ).  Because of this, I can understand people being weary about distributing their models to other people throughout the Internet; because you put a piece of yourself into your model, you worry about how people are going to use your model.  This might be why some modelers implement set rules and guidelines with their models.

In a recent case, there was a model of Revy from Black Lagoon that I saw, made by one "NE".  This is a pic of the model in question:…
I asked him on Twitter if it was available for download, and the best I could translate from his response was, "I'm sorry but this model is only available for the Japanese community".  It felt disheartening, that because I have lack of proper command of the Japanese language means that I will never be able to get that model, because I really like that model.  However, I did tell him that I'm willing to respect his wishes....I said that because I could understand where he was coming from, and I can only imagine how everyone else would be using that model of Revy.  If anything, I probably wouldn't use that model very much except for maybe just one video, but the fact that I have it in my collection would feel great.
Anyway, I refrained from trying to persuade him otherwise, too, because I too know what it's like to wish that others could take "No," for an answer.  But that's just me; it's my sense of respect towards others.  Honestly, I don't know fully how the Japanese view us, the West, in general, especially in concern to their trust in us with their models.  There are times when I think they may think we're immature, and if they do, I can't blame fact, recently, a venerable MMD resource website was closed down, and the description on the page mentioned much of the community having so much "roolz", "drama", and even intricate password games that make acquisition of their models needlessly difficult.  I wonder if he was talking about the entire MMD community, or just the Western side of the community; if it's the latter, I can sort of agree.

As for editing & redistribution of models, I try to adhere to a "code of honor" of sorts; I can't, in good conscience, download an MMD model through illegal means, because to me it just doesn't feel right.  In fact I was given a download link to a model of Ryuko Matoi, and I haven't used it yet and am planning on deleting it because I was given the model via a download link; someone gave me the DL link instead of offering a hint as to the model's password.  If I have to purchase certain models, I'm willing to do so, though at some points I've had trouble trying to make purchases of them and I've given up (such as at MelonBooks' website) and not tried since.
As for editing models, I think there may be a loophole in the guidelines; it may be okay to edit a model, but do not distribute it or claim it as your own (always credit the original creator of the model).  Now that I mention it, I always have a "play it safe" attitude regarding specific models, such as Mamama's model of Gumi; I offer two download links to the model, one being through MediaFire, because I don't know if certain models are supposed to be that easily acquirable (such as by clicking on the DL link on a deviantART page).  Aside from that, if a model I redistribute was originally made by someone else (who has allowed redistribution of edits), I always credit the original maker.

I guess people need to realize that though MMD can be fun, there are a lot of intricate rules and guidelines that need to be respected.  On a personal note, I'm trying to be respectful towards the Japanese, believing that "they mean business" and they won't tolerate misuse of their work, nor illegal methods of downloading their models, but this is mostly based on my life-long affinity towards Japan.  Sadly, I'm just one of at least a few who is willing to obey the rules and guidelines they set forth, whilst a greater percentage seems to not care, thinking they won't be affected....but if more and more bad things happen, we all are going to be affected, even those who didn't do anything wrong.  All I can do is speak for myself, insisting that I'm just another MMD user, albeit with fair intention.

My apologies for the long post; I just felt that I needed to state my opinion of this matter.
Fluttershy386 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
But they are not dolls, they are digital models they gave out to people ._.
sugar-petal Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
did you even read the journal ?

did you really miss the point that much that you had to leave such an ignorant comment ?

Fluttershy386 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Yes, I did read the journal, and if they don't want their models edited, they shouldn't give it out to the INTERNET. I seriously doubt the give out their precious family dolls out to random people. I feel this way to both for the Japanese and Western fandom of MMD. It also pisses me off when people treat the Japanese fandom like"SPESHAL SNO FLAKS"
Kaibonsen Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sugar-petal Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
you're basically saying that anyone who doesn't want their work to be messed with, should just keep it to themselves
do you know how stupid you sound

that's like saying anyone who draws well shouldn't put their artwork up if they don't want people tracing it or copying it in any way

just shut up you're missing the point completely
Fluttershy386 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013

If a peice of art work is given away in copies the person can do whatever they want to it, rules are not. But if someone puts a peice of art work out for people to see its considered stealing. Besides putting up a 3D model Is totally different from a picture so you're argument Is invaild

You're basically saying people should put their hard work out to people they don't even know.

sugar-petal Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
a 3d model is no different than a picture, it is still something someone put effort into and put it into the world for people to enjoy not rip apart without their consent

my arguement is 100 % valid you have little to no idea what you are talking about, you should have stopped while you were ahead 

i hope everyone who reads this realizes that too

just shut up you're missing the point completely

i'm done argueing over the internet, bye
Fluttershy386 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
They are totally differnt, a 3D model you download, and a picture is 2D (at least most of the time)
You're very immature :la:

Okay bye :hug:
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